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Full Length Jilbab

S52 M52 L52 XL52 2X 52 S54 M54 L54 XL54 2X 54 S56 M56 L56 XL56 2X 56 S58 M58

Ramadan Box

Our Ramadan Box will include a Luxury Prayer Garment, a Quran, a Notebook and a Thank You Card.  

Satin Jibab

This Satin Jibab is made with top quality fabric and is Niqubi friendly.

Yoni Box

Our Yoni Box includes a hand-crafted Steaming Gown, our house blend of herbs, a stainless steel bowl and a candle.

*Pre-Order* Custom Thobe

These Custom Thobes are for pre-order ONLY!